Service Offerings

We offer a variety of services to enhance your brand experience for your customers and clients.

We have ONE major goal in working with you: We create memorable brand experiences. Our process is simple. By ensuring that all brand content follows effective strategies and brand identities that are valuable and powerful, we help businesses connect with their ideal target audiences. See the below breakdown of our services and capabilities.


A brand that understands what it is, is a brand that can make impact. We help you to get clear about who you are, what you stand for, and how to authentically embrace the essence of the brand and share it with the world.

Brand audit • Unique Value Position • Purpose • Vision • Values • Personality • Brand voice • The essence and soul of the brand • Understanding the brand’s impact • Brand architecture • Naming strategies • Target audience analysis and insights • Reviewing competitors • Brand Messaging

Brand Development

We create brands that are based in strategy and communicates your purpose and values. It is a brand that feels authentic to you, and connects with your ideal audience.

Brand ID (logo variants, visual language etc.) • Website • Brand collateral

Brand communication

This is where you take the brand and communicate it to others. It’s the how and what to sharing your brand story.

Marketing audit • User experience (UX) • Brand experience • Brand touchpoints • Media planning • Content planning • Funnels

content creation

Content drives the brand. We create content that helps you to communicate your core brand values and messages, so that your target audience can take action and connect with you.

Design • Illustration • Animation (coming soon) • Video production • Photography • Copy-writing • Emails • Social media content

coaching and consulting

We hold your hand your hand and offer guidance whether you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur or a startup who needs to grow their dream brand and business, or an established small business who needs to reframe and reposition themselves in the market.

Brand coaching programmes for entrepreneurs • Brand consulting for small businesses • Training • Adhoc sessions

Skillshare classes

Liz is a passionate teacher who likes to guide and empower entrepreneurs and small business owners on the power of their brand stories and messages. Time and energy is of importance to professionals, and as such Skilshare is the perfect platform to learn through bite-sized learning chunks in the comfort of an online virtual space at your own pace.

Building a Brand Story: Consistent Content Creation Using Content PlanningMarketing for Business: Writing the Perfect Creative Brief for StakeholdersMarketing: Tips for Adopting & Embracing Your Company’s Brand Voice Becoming a Brand Strategist: The Brand Identity System Fundamentals

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