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“Storytelling comes naturally to humans, but since we live in an unnatural world, we sometimes need a little help doing what we’d naturally do.”

~ Dan Harmon ~

Hello, I'm Liz!

And I’m the visionary, strategist, and creative content creator behind Ostara Studio. But that isn’t really who I am. So, here’s my attempt to capture many significant moments in my life that led me to starting Ostara Studio and help you to get a sense of who I am.

I’m the person who from a very young age wanted to change the world. As a child I had dreams of impacting the lives of our sea creatures before I really understood that our world and ocean was in danger from climate change. In my teenage years I wanted to help children who didn’t thrive from the current schooling system with different ways in learning. I wanted to be an art therapist. I loved art, and I saw how art changed the life of someone I loved. Someone who had great difficulty leaning in the schooling system. Someone who had dyslexia.

At 17, I realised that there were no study options available to become an art therapist. studying art Instead, I decided to go study fine art. I realised art therapy wouldn’t be possible following the fine art route, and quickly hopped over to studying subjects in humanities (I have qualifications in Social Anthropology, Visual Art History, and Strategic Brand Communications). I wanted to understand how people think.

I’m also the person who at 18 was invited to a two-week leadership programme at Harvard, where I explored ideas around helping my community at home. Now that I reflect as an adult, I realise that others saw that I wanted to make a difference in the world.

I’m also the person who never realised I was driven. In a short time, 3 months to be exact, I transitioned from being a marketing assistant, to running the marketing department of a cosmetic company. I never realised how flexible and agile I was, working on a television show; launching a skin care range; working on product development; on creative design and video editing; on social media (when social media was still young and we weren’t sure what we were doing as marketers); working on events and PR; and training, recruiting, and leading marketing staff. And I was 24 and 25 doing all of this. At the back of my mind, where others would recommend staying on this experience track, I knew I wanted more for my life. I wanted to make impact. I still wanted to change the world. So, I embarked on a new journey…

And this crazy journey, many of you can resonate with. It’s the journey of entrepreneurship. Of starting a business (multiple ones actually). This journey is one that often feels lonely. It’s a time where I never knew I would feel like an imposter, yet also feel confident in what I do. Where I often felt like I’m missing out on A normal life, a life without office gossip and office parties, a life without normalised daily routine and stable finances, and a life that feels so alien to a life from my peers.

Yet, every single day, I choose myself. And I choose the world. It’s a choice where I get to explore my joys, my dreams, my passions. A life that sets my soul on fire. A way for me to choose a life where I know my dream is possible, and where I can foster meaningful connections and make an impact in this world with my gifts in the way that I want to. I choose flexibility and instability at the same time. I choose with who I get to work with. I choose!

My “why” is stronger than ever.

I’m also the person who because of deeply holding on to my “why”, I was able to do difficult things. I was able to run my business and receive a postgraduate degree in strategic brand communications with distinction. I’m the person who started my life over at 31. Knowing the essence of who I am, understanding myself, has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought possible. It has helped me to grow this business as well. And I’m excited to see where this business will journey to next.

Who am I to you? I get to hold the hands of entrepreneurs and small businesses, who want to make a change in this world. I understand what you are going through. I’ve failed forward many times. AND I’ve succeeded many times. More importantly I know that branding and marketing for corporates is very different than marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses. More so for conscious entrepreneurs and small businesses. My life experiences and skillset inform the ideas I share about authentic brand storytelling, as well as informs my working methods. I had to learn what it means to embrace who I am, understand the value of my offer, and how to share it with the world in an authentic and meaningful way. All the while running Ostara Studio.

It is a great honour to walk this journey alongside you. To believe in your dreams as much as I believe in my own. Let’s lead with our hearts, and let the strategy follow. Together we can make the impact.

The Ostara Studio Process

Branding that matters

At Ostara Studio we are passionate about empowering conscious entrepreneurs and small businesses; guiding them to build, voice, revitalise, and amplify the brands and businesses of their dreams. Our process involves brand strategy and branded content creation, that aligns to our clients’ powerful and most authentic brand messages. The result is that clients share their stories and messages in meaningful ways, and this helps them to attract their ideal audiences.

At the core of our methods is brand storytelling. We strongly believe that every story can make a positive impact on the world; it’s all about cultivating the story in an authentic way to connect with the people that will feel the impact of it. We start with helping our clients to understand their brand’s essence, who they are, and their why. And then implement it through content creation.

We have experience in brand strategy, video and photography production, graphic design, user experience design, web design, and marketing. Our skillset informs the ideas we share about authentic brand storytelling, as well as informs our working methods. More importantly, we understand the entrepreneurial journey.

We strongly believe that every story can make a positive impact on the world; it’s all about cultivating the story in an authentic way to connect with the people that will feel the impact of it. 


What our clients say about us

Our clients sometimes say it better than we do.

Our clients

We love working with conscious and purpose-driven clients in the B2B and service space.

Where does "ostara" come from?

We love educating and did-you-knows, so here’s our “did you know”

Hot air balloon for LinkTree

The word ‘Ostara’ originated from the word ‘Eostre’, a Germanic word meaning rebirth, revitalisation, and renewal. Eostre is also a Germanic goddess who is associated with spring. This meaning is key to our vision at Ostara Studio.

There is a major shift happening in the world. People are tired of brands who aren’t environmentally or socially conscious. They expect brands to behave better. We have now entered an age, where brands can make a positive difference in the world, impacting people, planet and profits.

At Ostara we believe the world needs more changemakers and healthy leaders. We aspire to help conscious and purpose-driven brands and leaders make a positive impact through revitalising the way they connect with their world. It’s all about meaning, authenticity, and action.