Brand Identity development:

Y-Connect, a brand of trust, connection, and professionalism.

Y Connect brand visuals (2)
Y Connect brand visuals (1)

About this project

Logo development is essential to the brand identity process. It is the first point of contact between audience and business. First impressions do matter.


Thus, for Yoke van Dam from Y-Connect, we created a brand that would easily illustrate her brand values. With values of trust, authenticity, connection and professionalism, we focused on a corporate style, with modern usage of font in small lettering. The idea being that potential clients would associate Y-Connect as a brand that is friendly, whilst being corporate, but not too serious.


With the Y and C connected as a link, the intention was for connection to also coming through.


Lastly, using a cool colour palette to emphasise values of trust and calm (did you know that in Western culture blue is associated with calmness and trust?).