Brand Identity development:
Only Footprints

Eco friendly pet poo bags.

Only Footprints Packaging Design by Ostara Studio
Only Footprints Dog Pattern Brand Visual by Ostara Studio

About this project

From brand identity development to packaging design, we can assist you in building a strong brand that is visually pleasing and memorable.


With Only Footprints, we worked on a strategy that would set the brand apart from multiple other competitors in the pet poo bag market on Amazon. As such the brand had to be visually recognisable as an Eco-friendly brand, but also be unique in its own right.


The concept of the footprint as an ecological marker used as a landmass on Earth’s globe, speaks immediately to the environmental impact the planet faces. The brand also allows the addition of more Eco-friendly products, not only pet related products.


Additionally the dog pattern, illustrated by hand, was intended to stand apart easily on Amazon for packaging viewing.