Canva tips for entrepreneurs and small businesses:

Would you like your designs to look more on-brand? Using your design hat for the time being, whilst you are building your business, even though you aren’t a professional designer?

Canva is a phenomenal tool. Although I love the Adobe products to create content, I have developed a deep love for Canva. I have surprised myself in how much I have enjoyed working in Canva. At first it was a necessary skill as a lot of my clients require that I design templates for them on Canva that they can easily replicate and adjust. Let’s face it, paying a design to create ALL the content that is necessary for social media these days, can be costly. Canva has been a real lifesaver for my clients. It is super user-friendly, with many templates to choose from to create drool-worthy content.  

This article offers quick-to-learn Canva tips that will make your designs extraordinary and on-brand. Let’s jump right into it.

Colour adjustments

Template selection on Canva is wonderful. However not all templates will be on-brand for you. Don’t fret, as there is still a way to use templates that look fab, but don’t look anything like your brand.

The first thing to do is to adjust the colours of the Canva template to your brand colours. You will even realise that some graphic elements’ colours can be changed. Like icon colours. Simply pull an icon into the design, and if swatches appear in the left upper corner of the design space, you will be able to adjust the colours. Or click on template elements in the design and see if the swatches appear.

Image colour adjustments

Another great way to make a design on-brand is to use images that match your brand colours. On Canva you are able to search for images that match or are closely aligned to your brand’s colours. First, copy the hex code (the # code) of your brand colour by creating a shape and in the colour swatches copying the code. When searching for a specific image, simply use the filtering button on the right side of the search bar and paste the hex code, and apply the filter. And voila! Images in your brand’s colour.

Font adjustments

Like colour, change the fonts of the design to your brand fonts. Remember to consider font treatment of headings and paragraphs to ensure that it looks cohesive.

See this article for beginner design tips and font treatment.

QR codes

Would you like to add a QR code to your design that links to your website? On Canva you can easily create and embed a QR code. Simply scroll down the left menu to ‘More’ and click on ‘QR Code’ to embed your QR code into your design.

Share social testimonials easily

You can also share a twitter post or Facebook post. Under the ‘More’ menu, click on ‘Embeds’, and paste the page/ post link which you would like to add to your design. No more need for screenshots with this function.

Edit flat PDF’S

Canva now allows the importing of PDF’s. The PDF’s can be edited! How great is that? Note, it won’t be a perfect import, but it is still an exceptional function for those PDF’s that need editing, but you don’t have access to the original open file. Simply click ‘Import’ under the ‘Create a design’ to import the flat PDF. It will appear under your designs and can be opened to be edited.

Transparent images

Sometimes you need an image that has a transparent background. You aren’t interested in a full visual. You can easily search for transparent images, by adding PNG next to the concept that you are searching for in the search bar.

Remove the background of your images

Want to use a photo of yourself where you are deep-etched, and the background isn’t showing? Under the ‘Edit image’ option there is a ‘Background Remover’ tool that is quite decent. Play with the settings to get the best result possible.

Add drop shadows to images

Sometimes you would need to add a drop shadow to an element. Under ‘Edit Image’ click the ‘Shadows’ options, and add ‘Drop.’ To edit the drop shadow, click on ‘Drop’ again and play with the settings until you have reached the desired effect.

Add strokes to images

If you would like to add a stroke, under ‘Edit Image’ click the ‘Shadows’ options, and add ‘Glow.’ Then click on ‘Glow’ again and play with the settings until you have reached the desired effect. My recommendation: remove ‘Blur’, make ‘Transparency’ 100, change the ‘Color’ and ‘Size’ to your desired colour and size. And Voila your image has a stroke.

Searching for files

In the old days it would be nightmarish to look for files, as you scroll through all your designs. Now you can search for specific files, by searching by name and clicking on the ‘Your Projects’ option.

Now get started with updating your Canva designs! See you next time!

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