Who are we? And why does it matter?

Ostara Studio was founded in 2018 by Liz. Liz had her early roots in art, design, and social anthropology. When she started her career in 2011, she found herself in administrative and managerial positions. Although marketing and design was part of it, her key takeaway from her earlier positions, was that she was there to catalyse people; catalyse creativity and design efficiency of teams, and her own processes.


When Ostara Studio was founded, after 3 years of creative freelancing, Liz realised that she wanted to start a business that would catalyse small businesses and purpose-driven businesses who wanted to make a meaningful impact through driving meaningful brands and brand messages.  


The word ‘Ostara’ originated from the word ‘Eostre’, a Germanic word meaning rebirth and revitalisation. This meaning is key to our vision at Ostara Studio. Consequently, we show brands that archaic advertising methods don’t have to be used to market a brand meaningfully and authentically. A brand can stand strong in its own vision and purpose, and through that deliver brand messages based on what the brand does. Through renewed marketing processes based in authenticity, meaning and purpose, we catalyse your business and brand to reach your desired target audience in meaningful and connective ways.

Our vision:

To see small local businesses and businesses that want to make a meaningful impact on the world thrive!

Our purpose:

To ensure that the above-mentioned businesses’ brand voices are amplified through strategic design, consistent content creation, and strategic and creative marketing strategies and ideas.

Our values:

  • Authenticity
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Passion driving excellence
  • Consistency
  • Relationship building – walking a journey with you as a valued partner
  • Empathy and understanding

Our personality/ style:

We might work very seriously, as we are passionate about what we do, and care about seeing your business succeeding, but we do it with fun, creativity and passion at the helm.


We are all about building meaningful relationships with you to better understand your business to explore opportunities for growth.


We love learning, whether it is within our team, or to learn more about your world and clients. Knowledge and research is part of our style.

Let’s make a difference together! Contact us here, to see if we will be a good fit for one another.