Brand Photography: Asana Tribe

Brand Photography: Asana tribe Capture the magic of your brand’s services About this project Sabrina from Asana Tribe creates magical mini retreats with Gareth. Together they take yoga participants on a magical journey of yoga, sound, connection, and deep relaxation and rest. Ostara Studio was tasked to take photos that capture the magic of this […]

Personal Branding Photoshoot: Wildflower Transformation Coaching

Personal Branding Photoshoot: Wildflower Transformation Coaching Personal photos to match your brand’s look and feel About these project Beth from Wildflower Transformation Coaching connected with us to create photographic content for her that she would be able to use on her website, presentations, and social media platforms. She wanted to ensure that the photographs showcased […]

Brand Photography: Oksana’s Personal Branding Shoot

Personal branding Photography: Oksana the executive life coach Capture your presence with authentic brand photographs that showcase your personality and style About this project Oksana desired photographs that would capture her natural personality. Posed photographs would not work for her. Thus we spent a few hours playing, chatting, changing outfits, to get photographs where Oksana’s […]

Brand Photography: Calla Lane Beauty Bar

Brand Photography: Calla Lane Brand photography to enhance brand. About this project Showcasing a brand, is not only about showcasing products. It’s all about atmosphere. For this brief, Sara from Calla Lane contacted us, to capture the opening of Calla Lane’s makeup bar, but also to capture the general feel and atmosphere of the space. […]

Brand Photography: Goldwell

Brand Photography: Goldwell Brand photography to enhance brand. About this project Your brand is not only your logo. Images play an important role in showcasing the brand’s personality.   For this brief, the emphasis was on creating editorial style images with a strong focus on the hair. With stylistic elements such as background colour, the […]

Product Photography: Masala Factory

Product Photography: Masala Factory Product photography to enhance brand. About this project One of our first loves is photography. The power of photography is not underestimated by our team. As much as we love design, we know that a good set of photography can position your brand well. For this brand, Masala Factory, we created […]

Brand Photography & Signage: Supawash

Brand Photography & Signage: Supawash More than just a carwash centre; it’s a lifestyle. About this project From logo development to signage, Ostara Studio can help businesses holistically.   For this project we were tasked to create bold signage when Supawash opened.   Additionally, pPhotographs were taken of the new carwash on the block to […]

Creative Portraits: TashTech

Creative Portraits: TashTech Creative photography About this project We also create YouTube art for content creators. Here’s a few creative photographs that were taken for YouTuber TashTech. Return to Portfolio

Professional Portraits: Various Clients

Professional Portraits: Various Clients Professional portraits to match the style of your brand. About these projects If you or your team are key to the success of your brand, then professional portraits are a must to present your brand in a more personalised manner. Whether your business would like to go for a clean corporate […]