Liz's Speaker's Profile

“Storytelling comes naturally to humans, but since we live in an unnatural world, we sometimes need a little help doing what we’d naturally do.” – Dan Harmon

Hello I’m Liz! And I’m the visionary, strategist, and creative content creator behind Ostara Studio. I started this business, because I am passionate about empowering entrepreneurs; guiding them to build, voice, revitalise, and amplify the brands and businesses of their dreams. My process involves brand strategy and branded content creation, that aligns to my clients’ powerful and most authentic brand messages. The result is that clients share their stories and messages in meaningful ways, and this helps them to attract their ideal audiences.

My work isn’t only informed by my qualifications (Social Anthropology, Visual Art History, and Strategic Brand Communications) and work experience (brand strategy, photography, graphic design, user experience design, web design, and marketing). More importantly, my work has been informed by the experience of walking the entrepreneurial journey myself. I had to learn what it means to embrace who I am, understand the value of my offer, and how to share it with the world in an authentic and meaningful way. All the while running Ostara Studio.

During my workshops, lectures, and talks I often speak about embracing the powerful storyteller within you by finding your voice and staying true to yourself. Resulting in you being the connector and storyteller of your brand.

I strongly believe that every story can make a positive impact on the world; it’s all about cultivating the story in an authentic way to connect with the people that will feel the impact of it. 

List of Recent Speaking & Lecturing Events

  • 2022: Speaker at The Business Women Success Club (Mar)
  • 2022: Guest Lecturer at Be-Inspired Membership (Feb)
  • 2022: Speaker at The Gauteng Business Forum (Feb)
  • 2021: Skillshare Teacher and invited to the TeachCorps Program
  • 2021: Speaker at PSASA
  • 2021: Speaker at Lionesses of Africa Lean In event (May)
  • 2020: Organiser and speaker at the Feminine Leadership Summit.
  • 2020: BA Honours at Vega in Strategic Brand Communication, passing all subjects with distinctions
  • 2019: Speaker at Lionesses of Africa/ Siemens event
  • 2018: Speaker at The Gauteng Business Forum
  • 2017: Speaker at The Photo & Film Expo