Are we content creation monsters?

It’s time to talk about the content creation monsters that we have become out of necessity as entrepreneurs and small business owners. Let’s face it; it’s not like we wanted to be these monsters. We have been forced to mutate. In order to grow our businesses, and utilise social media opportunities, we became the dreaded […]

Canva tips for entrepreneurs and small businesses:

Would you like your designs to look more on-brand? Using your design hat for the time being, whilst you are building your business, even though you aren’t a professional designer? Canva is a phenomenal tool. Although I love the Adobe products to create content, I have developed a deep love for Canva. I have surprised […]

15 Design Tips for Beginners and Entrepreneurs

You might be an entrepreneur and right now you are wearing many different hats in your business. You find yourself on Canva designing content for your business. Or perhaps you are working for a company and would like to upskill and teach yourself a few design tricks to make your presentations look professional. In this […]

Why Brand Vision Matters? │ The Brand Glossary Series

Let’s talk brand vision today. In the previous articles in the glossary series, I covered brand purpose. Before reading this article, I recommend that you read the article on brand purpose, or watch the video about it on YouTube, as brand vision is directly tied to brand purpose. Have you ever wondered what certain branding […]

What is Brand Purpose? │ The Brand Glossary Series

I am excited to launch the second article in this series, The Brand Glossary. I’m specifically excited because this term is one of my absolute favourites. It encapsulates branding and is the foundation of any prosperous brand. Okay, okay, I know you might not grasp why I am so excited. Yet at the end of […]

The Definition of Branding │ The Brand Glossary Series

In today’s article, I discuss the term branding. Before you jump to whatever you were doing, thinking you know what branding is, I encourage you to give this article a read. It’s a lot more complex than what you might think. Have you ever wondered what certain branding and marketing terms mean, and how it […]

Brand Leadership: Why we believe in it

There’s much debate on what brand leadership is. Some debate that brand leaders have a best-selling product or service and are recognised as leaders for that. Example: Nike. Others debate that brand leaders are those who have strong influence on the world financially. Example: Amazon. I like the more academical description about brand leadership: it […]

Brand Authenticity: Why should brands be genuine?

During my post graduate studies, I was set on doing my thesis on brand authenticity. Until a friend of mine asked me why I’m so set on it. I remember telling her that in my business I really wanted to help smaller businesses learn to exist authentically and transparently on social media. And she encouraged […]

Why Facebook groups are good for business

Back in the day many businesses thrived by making use of Facebook’s organic opportunities.   Yet now businesses are frustrated as Facebook is a ‘pay-to-play’ space, meaning brands have to pay to ensure they feature in clients’ timelines.   However, Facebook organic opportunities are still available. In this article Facebook groups as a valid business […]