Ostara is a strategic and personalized design studio for businesses. Our aim is to create thought-provoking and impactful designs targeted at your target market, that will grow your business and enhance your brand value. We offer a custom boutique experience to our clients and consult intimately with you to ensure that you are able to capitalize on your brand.

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About Ostara

Who is Ostara Studio: A creative and strategic design studio

Ostara Studio is a creative and strategic design studio, with an emphasis on personal brands. This results in brand design and brand visuals that ensure lead generation to your perfect target audience. Furthermore, our aim is to create thought-provoking and unique designs, photographs and brand films, directed at your target audience. Hence, we ultimately grow your business and enhance your brand value. As a result, we offer a custom boutique experience to our clients. Part of the custom experience is to consult intimately with you, all the while ensuring that you are able to make profit from your brand and service offering.

Designers often imprint their own ideas of a brand onto your business. However, we believe that authentic representation of your business vision coupled with your target audience’s desires is the recipe of success for any brand.

Our team consists of members who are talented within their own areas of expertise.

Consequently, we work as a team to create a brand and that matters. In contrast to simply creating a pretty brand, we design an authentic brand experience through creative and strategic design. Above all, before any design commences, we meet with you for a brand strategy session. We listen to your requirements, needs and problems. We do a brand analysis. As a result you will receive a brand strategy best suited for your vision and needs.

View some of our work by clicking on: Our proudest moments.

Liz Bhairo

Art Director & Designer

Liz, is the head of Ostara. She is a qualified graphic designer with qualifications in Visual Art History, Social Anthropology, Graphic Design and UX Design. Additionally, she has experience in product design and development, digital marketing, web design, photography, beauty […]

Tash Bhairo – Asana Films

Film Director & Editor

Tash, an innovative and tech driven entrepreneur and freelancer, who specializes in cinematic film creation and web development. He uses music to compose brand films with emotion and story. A great addition to the Ostara family, Tash brings a creative […]

Lien Potgieter – The Colour Option

Blog Specialist & Copywriter

The creative color expert, Lien Potgieter is a freelance content creator and copy writer, who is able to bring a 3rd dimension to projects. From deeper insights into color of content to the copy of your website, Lien looks at […]