Ostara is a strategic and personalized design studio for businesses. Our aim is to create thought-provoking and impactful designs targeted at your target market, that will grow your business and enhance your brand value. We offer a custom boutique experience to our clients and consult intimately with you to ensure that you are able to capitalize on your brand.

Website Development for Events

Innovation can set you apart. Innovation can set the tone for what your business is attempting to achieve. Websites can showcase innovation. How you may ask? Website development for events allows the perfect opportunity for innovation.

APTMS – African Public Transport Management Society Summit (Website development for Events)

APTMS, is a project under the Trapeze Group. The African Public Transport Management Society invites key businesses and individuals from the transport industry. During the APTMS summit, the attendees are able to connect around problems in transport. The main goal is to solve these problems to create a better industry for all. Ostara Studio has taken on the role of marketing and design for this African initiative. We have had the pleasure to be involved since 2015.  Responsibilities include PowerPoint presentation design, invitation design, logo development, and event program design. It has been our aim to guide APTMS through brand objectives. Through these brand objectives, APTMS is able to connect authentically with their clients.

Where does innovation fit in?

Ostara Studio prides itself on offering innovative solutions to clients. We research your industry to find gaps in innovation. Once we have identified an industry-specific area of innovation, we create a unique website for you. As a result you have gained a competitive edge in the marketplace whilst building a stronger brand.

This year we wanted to do something different. We wanted to go beyond the design materials and deeply involve ourselves in the invitation process. We took the summit brochure online, and created a website where attendees could view videos on past events, glance at the summit program, and book their seat. The website has ensured that attendees have a user friendly experience in booking a seat at the summit. Furthermore, using simplification and simple modern innovation and technology allowed for a smoother booking process. As a result, the website had impact on the overall experience of the event.

Visit the website creation: http://aptms.co.za/