Ostara is a strategic and personalized design studio for businesses. Our aim is to create thought-provoking and impactful designs targeted at your target market, that will grow your business and enhance your brand value. We offer a custom boutique experience to our clients and consult intimately with you to ensure that you are able to capitalize on your brand.

Guiding hand to website design

Do you need a guiding hand to website design?

We have heard it all: website designers that are trying to implement their own personal creative ideas; website designers that create beautiful websites, but the website isn’t representative of the client’s business goals; website designers who just don’t listen to their clients. Finding a website designer who understands your business needs and requirements can be difficult. We offer a guiding hand to website design – we ensure that your business goals are taken into account when we design your website. The website is there to create awareness for your business. It should illustrate and voice your business style. Above all else, the website should also align with your customer’s goals and needs.

Y-Connect: the life coach that needed a website to reflect her professionalism and trust

First of all, a website is only as good as its brand. When Yoke van Dam, owner of Y-Connect came for a brand strategy session, she was disappointed with her brand at the time. Now let me tell you about Yoke. She is vibrant and passionate. Her passion to empower people in the workplace was not only admirable, but truly authentic. Her brand at the time, did not reflect this passion. Furthermore, her clients would boast about her services – they trust her and feel safe with her. She creates a space of safety, lightheartedness and care. I myself (Liz here), experienced her gentle and kind nature during a coaching session on public presentations.

Unfortunately, her brand at the time, didn’t reflect her passion. It was slightly disconnected from the trust and warmth that Yoke emanates. Again, I mention that a website can only be as good as a brand.

The project started with a rebrand of her logo. We maintained some of the elements, like the cooler colors, and the concept of connection. Overall, the logo was more refined, whilst being safe enough not to scare existing customers away.

Enter: website design

Secondly, the project continued with a website design. During the project, we have focused on clarity of services. Additionally we have aligned the refined logo to a simple website design style. Overall we played with imagery and different tones of cooler colors, to accent the site. This speaks to her vibrant nature. Lastly we set up basic SEO for Yoke, so that she is able to distribute the new website effectively.

In conclusion, sometimes you need a guiding hand. You need someone who listens to your business goals. At Ostara Studio we strive to listen first, then advise. The BIG IDEA can always sound provocative to the creative. However, we believe in business strategy. We implement the art of business.

To view the website that we have designed for Y-Connect, click here: HERE!