Ostara is a strategic and personalized design studio for businesses. Our aim is to create thought-provoking and impactful designs targeted at your target market, that will grow your business and enhance your brand value. We offer a custom boutique experience to our clients and consult intimately with you to ensure that you are able to capitalize on your brand.

E-Commerce Website Design

We believe in big ideas. Ostara Studio assists business in entering new markets. If you have a life-changing product, we can guide purchases to you. Consequently, you will have a a beautiful, smart and functional e-commerce website design, but you will also have a brand that makes impact.

Entering a new market: Thando.africa, and e-commerce website design

Thando.Africa is a brand that wants to make an impact in the African market. In the sex-shop industry, there is no African representation. For the owners of Thando, this was an opportunity to access new markets. Therefore, Thando approached Ostara Studio with this new idea. We needed to steer clear from the traditional look and feel of sex-shops. The Thando brand is about love and connection. We wanted a lighthearted, clean and modern website to reflect this new approach.

Therefore, we created a site that minimalist yet gorgeous. With brand colour accents in coral, the website stands out. The open white spaces between products allows for a more lighthearted feel.

This was a step-by-step process.  We started with the logo development to ensure a strong brand identity. After the logo we moved into the website. As the e-commerce shop is reliant on photographs to attract consumers, we took professional product photographs of the entire product range of Thando. Thus, Thando has a unique look and feel.

What is the next step in digital marketing for your e-commerce store?

As we have created an e-commerce store on WordPress, we are confident in the digital marketing. With the use of Woocommerce and other software plug-ins, we are able to automate the shopping process. We have implemented abandoned cart follow up emails, shipping automation, pop-up boxes and more. Therefore we have ensured customer retention.

We have also implemented sound SEO, configuration of Google My Business and AdWords. The shop is prepared and ready to go!

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