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Is video the latest fad, or is it worth it?

Is video the latest fad, or is it worth it?

With YouTube becoming the biggest content site on earth, it’s no wonder that everyone seems to be doing it. Whether people are actually content creators, or purely a content consumer, everyone is doing it.

It begs the question though, is video the way to go with content marketing?

In an age of visual overwhelm, it’s easier to engage with video than with text or image. Images are likely to be easily forgotten, as it’s a once off, between multiple other images.  Not a lot of people read. It’s too tiresome.

In a video, you watch a story unfold. That means that not all videos will be engaged with – you need a good story. But it is definitely the easiest way to engage with you audience.

Is it a short-lived fad? Of course not. YouTube has been around since 2005 and growing year by year. Moving images or “video” have been around since the 1830’s. That’s testimony that it’s not a fad. It’s here to stay.

Get on top of it – it’s marketing in its finest form!

Firstly, on a website, video improves your SEO. So that’s already reason enough for using it to get your content out there, regardless of industry.

Due to the fact that there is greater engagement, higher retention rates and more and more people are getting access to it, your business is in the position to retain more leads through video. People can watch a video and retain the information a lot easier than reading and re-reading a blog post.

Additionally, video has that emotive factor. An image can easily be misinterpreted. It’s a single image. It can only tell so much. Whereas video is an opportunity to emotionally connect with your audience, through quality cinematography, powerful plot, storytelling and character arches. Your brand can now have a character with a personality that your audience relates to.

And if you don’t have the funds to pay production agencies, technology can save you. Mobile phones have fantastic video quality – HD even. Step it up, and train a staff member on a relatively inexpensive vlogging DSLR camera like the Canon 80D.

And consumers like to know you. Brands that care about consumers is the latest trend. Use behind-the-scenes footage to engage with your audience. A brand that is real, is a brand that a consumer can relate to.

Advertising and marketing your business, doesn’t have to be boring.  As content leaders, Ostara Studio can offer content solutions through intimate engaging consults and quality video and design.

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